Today’s Annoyances for Jan 13, 2011

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on January 13, 2011 in Current Events, Ramblings, Rant, Venting |

I’m about to climb into the car and head to tonight’s LA Kings’ game, but wanted to get a couple things off my chest first. I figure it would be better to vent a little here, before I get around more adrenaline at the game.

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Thought For The Day – Jan 13, 2011

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The journey called divorce can be a difficult one, fraught with experiences that you will not have imagined existed, nor ever wanted to face. Challenges will test your determination, your will, and cause you to question your ability to continue driving onward.

But remembering to avoid departing from your course, avoiding what appears to be an easier route, keeping your resolve, and nourishing your determination with the belief and the knowledge that the destination will be a place much better than the one you left behind, will allow you to sustain through that journey, and to reach that destination.

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What Is That?

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on January 8, 2011 in Emotions, Family, Video |

While cleaning out my e-mail I came across this video sent to me a couple of years ago. It’s very touching, and reminds us to have patience and understanding when you have to repeat your words to anyone, especially if that someone is slow of learning or is losing touch with the world around them, young or old.

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Father’s Day Ramblings

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on January 7, 2011 in Emotions, Family, Historical Information, Parenting, Ramblings, Truth |
I started writing this on or about Father's Day in 2010. For some reason I didn't finish it at the time, nor did I return to it later. I don't recall it being in my list of draft posts before I moved the blog to it's new home here at freshstartdad.com but here it is now. Since the original title indicated is was simply ramblings, and because there's a bit of background information about me, I didn't want to simply delete it. I'm not in the Father's Day state of mind to add to it, so please enjoy as is, with no warranty, expressed nor implied, my father's day 2010 ramblings.

Father’s Day is typically a day that I reflect upon my own experience of being a father. Not because I don’t appreciate my own father(s), but because the vast majority of my experience regarding a father is my own.

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Just Talk

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on January 7, 2011 in about the ex, Family, Kids, Parenting |

Communication. I’m a firm believer that a good relationship needs good communication. Not just an adequate amount of communication, but it needs to be comfortable to communicate with the other person in the relationship.

If you are uncomfortable and hesitant about having a conversation with that person about a topic — any topic — they will pick-up on the vibe you’re putting out and they’ll be more hesitant to communicate with you in the future. It may start out that they won’t want to communicate with you about that particular topic, because they know, albeit subconsciously, that it makes you uncomfortable. But if they stop talking to you about this topic, then there will be another that they won’t approach you with because they suspect you won’t like it…then another…and another… Now you’re no longer communicating with that person in the relationship.

You do realize you’re in a relationship with your kids don’t you?

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Posted by Fresh Start Dad on January 5, 2011 in Current Events, Self-Esteem, Truth |

I’m not a big fan of New Years’ Resolutions. I’ve made a few over the years, but of course, I’ve kept even fewer. I’ve known too many people that will make demands on themselves that can’t possibly be fulfilled based on the sole reason that it’s time to go out and buy a new calendar.

…you don’t want to be caught doing something dumb like making New Year’s resolutions. You keep this stuff to yourself so don’t get caught out on a limb and then not do whatever it is you said you were going to do. (I once listed all the good things I did over the past year, and then turned them into resolution form and backdated them. That was a good feeling.)

It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It
-Robert Fulghum

I believe Mr. Fulghum to be quite wise and understanding of the daily world around us, and I fully agree with the above quote; as well as many others of his. For the past many years I would just reflect on what I accomplished in the past year and feel good about that. This year though, I’m actually going to make a New Year’s resolution; just one though.

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The Past Is The Past…right?

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on October 15, 2010 in Historical Information, Journal, Truth, Uncategorized |

I recently started cleaning out my garage in order to make more room around my pool table, and to start using it more as pool table as opposed to just “table”. I came across a couple of boxes of photos with some dating back as much as 20 years — found a great photo of me, my kids, my grandfather, and my dads (Not a typo. I’ll explain later.) — and I also found things that went directly to the trash can. In a couple of other boxes of miscellaneous this-and-that stuff I found my old journals, and they made for an interesting read. Read more…

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Was My Daughter Hit On?

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on October 12, 2010 in Kids, Parenting, Poll, Relationship Advice, Single Life |

This morning, my daughter told me that she received a compliment on her shoes — her old, beat-up, comfy, rainbow flip-flops — from “someone” in the tutoring center at school the other day. I asked half-jokingly what “his” name was, to which she said she didn’t know his name. I then proceeded to share with her that a guy wouldn’t complement a girl on her shoes unless he has an interest in her. She then proceeded to tell me that I was wrong.

I need your opinion on this:

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Friday Ramblings: The Next Phase

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on August 27, 2010 in Current Events, Emotions, Family, Kids, Parenting, Ramblings, Truth |

When I first sat down to write this post I only had the tiniest bit of focus, and as I continued to write even that went astray. My first draft covered a wide variety of topics, but I only pulled a few together for this post. The upside: there will be another post from the leftovers soon.

This coming week both my children start at a new school.  My son starts his freshman year in high school, and my daughter — sigh — starts her freshman college year. I think they’re more ready than I am for this next phase in their lives. Read more…

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I'm Hungry: Farmer's Market Pizza

Posted by Fresh Start Dad on August 19, 2010 in Cooking, Parenting, Single Life |

One of the things that prompted me to start writing a blog was the good intention of trying to convey some good information to other single-parents, especially those that find themselves new to the role. One topic that often comes up IRL† from friends and others that find themselves in this single-parent world is the subject of food. Usually in a two-parent household one parent is the primary cook. This means that 1 out of 2 people that become a single-parent may feel ill-equiped to cook for their kids, let alone themselves. I wanna help. I’m no great chef, but I do seem to be able to make things that my kids eat. To me, that’s a big part of it. Other times though, I do cook for myself.

Today’s recipe: Farmer’s Market Pizza Read more…

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