Today’s Annoyances for Jan 13, 2011

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I’m about to climb into the car and head to tonight’s LA Kings’ game, but wanted to get a couple things off my chest first. I figure it would be better to vent a little here, before I get around more adrenaline at the game.

Today just wasn’t the best…

Here’s the high points:

  • • Although it falls on my custodial day, the egg donor is getting pissed that I won’t let her take the boy to dinner on his birthday without me. Her justification: I took the girl without the egg donor. (BTW: The egg donor got too ill to attend when she found out her daughter was going to sit with her friends and not with her.)
  • • Saw my son online on Facebook today during school. Turns out it wasn’t him, but I learned that the egg donor has him leave his account logged in, even when he’s not there. Spying much?
  • • One of the dogs I’m dog-sitting (I have one of my own as well) has chewed threw the crotches of all my pajamas. Now normally I don’t mind some bitch going to town down there…
    (sorry, that was crude, but I needed to blow off some of this stress)
  • • My landlord is back to his old habit of telling me that he didn’t receive my check until 2 days after the late fee is due, even though I send it 4 days before that date. Six days to get across town? I don’t think so. Looks like I have to go back to sending it certified.
  • Forgot to originally include: I learned that an old friend of mine passed yesterday due to a heart attack. I hadn’t talked to her in years, but it’s a bit unsettling because she was young — only a couple/few years older than me I believe. She was very active in the motorcycle community, which is how I originally met her. Though we were never really super close friends, she was a good person who I would’ve liked to know better. I regret not doing so when I could.

And the one that set me off, that BETTER get corrected:

  • • I applied for a job and aced the exam process. I sent them my DD214 showing my veteran service, including but not limited to Desert Storm. (You get extra credit for being a veteran.) Response: I don’t meet the qualifications as a veteran. Ummm… excuse me what!?
    Update: After reviewing what they indicate are their standards for receiving Veterans’ preference I responded and pointed out how I have met those standards. Their response is again that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (the federal office) does not recognize my service as qualifying for Veterans’ preference, but after doing research on my own I see that they actually do. This isn’t going to be fun, but if I get the credit I’m literally 1st on the list for the job.

I’m headed to the Kings’ game now. I hope they win. And if they don’t, I hope I don’t encounter any St. Louis Blues fans outside afterward.
Post-game update: I did assault 3 St. Louis Blues fans; 1 while in the stadium and 2 outside. My actions outside caught the attention of one of the security guards there; the big gentlemen in the nice red jackets. He came over to us…and told the 2 Blues fans they had to dump their beer or get a ticket for open container. He didn’t say anything to me in my Kings’ jersey.

Update: and post-publishing this, I’ve discovered that this theme doesn’t do bullets right.

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